What Are The Benefits of Sending Your Child To Boarding School?

I have always been a strong advocate for sending kids to boarding school, and having experienced this education myself, it is an opportunity which I will most certainly give to my children. I went to a reputable California boarding school when I was eleven years old and whilst it was scary at first, I was given an excellent education and taught valuable life lessons.

Now that I am a parent, I look upon the idea of boarding schools differently when it comes to my children, and I can see the benefits now more than ever. If you are intrigued by this style of education, here are just some of the benefits which boarding schools can offer both parents and children.

Teaching Quality

What you will generally find in boarding schools are teachers who love to teach, and are highly specialized in their subjects. The process of recruitment by boarding schools in particular is traditionally meticulous and unlike in many state schools, teachers must have a degree in their chosen subject, rather than a general teaching qualification.

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Sports Facilities

Boarding schools directly invest the majority of their fees into the school’s activities and facilities and it is the sporting departments which see a great benefit from this. The range of sports on offer to students at boarding schools is mind boggling and your child can be sure to find the finest facilities in their chosen sport.

Early Independence

Fleeing the nest at such an early age really helps to teach young children about how to be independent. Naturally, they will be cared for in every way during their time at boarding school but simply being away from their parents for such a long time can do wonders for character building.

Excellence Encouraged

In the main, the students at boarding schools are those with lofty ambitions and a dedication to learning. Here, students will find that being smart is very cool and it is highly unlikely that they will ever face negative opinions from other students because of their desire to do well. Thanks to the intensity and the high quality of a child’s education at boarding school, students have the very best encouragement to strive for excellence from both fellow students and from their teachers.

Small Classes

A popular complaint amongst parents who send their children to state schools are that class sizes are too big which makes it difficult for students to get the attention that they need from their teachers. However, when it comes to boarding schools, class sizes are typically between 10-15 pupils per class which means that your child can count on that valuable one-on-one attention when they require it. Class sizes this small also encourages students to get involved in the classroom as there is nowhere for them to hide.

These are just 5 of the many benefits that there are of sending your child to boarding school and in doing so you will ultimately be giving your child the very best chances of success in their education.

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