Teacher Strategies for Classroom Communication

Monitoring the Classroom 

What a teacher wants when they walk into a classroom in the morning is to see the students where they belong, which is at their desk. It would also help to see them on task and carrying out their morning work or at least some of the things they are expected to be doing, but what often happens is the opposite of the teachers’ expectations. Software engineers have been brilliant, and there are programs for teachers that help organize the class like BuzzMom, Remind101 and hundreds of others. 

Teacher and Parent Strategies 

The best a teacher can hope to accomplish is to have their student to understand the instructions and to carry them out in a timely and orderly manner. If you are like so many teachers and Parents, you see the children get to school with one set of expectations and return home feeling frustrated that they didn’t properly get what they were supposed to be doing. I can understand that a phone app can help you to organize some things, but teachers can’t rely on technology to do things they are responsible for. For example, you can pick a topic at some helpful websites which can make many of repeated class acts easier to carry out, https://www.classdojo.com/toolkit/music

Communicating Classroom Expectations 

It is more importantly the teacher must make sure that they are not using music because they don’t want to be bothered by the children and they are not spending time with the children helping to overcome the obstacles to understanding the standards they face each year. There will be frustrations for teachers in students in school, but the more helpful tools teachers and students can use to work together in a great learning environment will make the future of education the path to a better future for all. 

Use Technology Effectively 

Secondly, it is good to have an app that will make sure your three problem students have not gotten together again and started misbehaving before the whole class, but it is more important that the teacher gives firm and clear expectations of classroom behavior and follow thru giving the rewards or disciplines attached to each expectation. A teacher’s and student’s relationship is built upon this trust and trust can only develop if it is practiced. One of the amazing things that software developers of kids have done is to make it easier for teachers to communicate with one another about common learning issues that are coming up again and again. Also, recently a school I attended had the teachers and principal using an app that allowed them all to communicate with one another at one of the most critical times in their day, which is when the kindergarten through fourth grade are preparing to leave the classroom and get to their parent’s cars or onto the buses to go home. it is critical that each student is easily accounted for and this one app curtailed the need to use the intercom system, which often is not high-quality audio and can be easily muffled by the noise of the students, and to text the teachers when their “red, orange, blue, or pink” buses have arrived.

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