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As more and more customers want their homes and businesses built to green construction standards, it is important that you stay on top of the latest in professional development and best practices in the field. As technologies, law requirements, and best practice procedures change over time, you need to stay up to date on what it takes to do your job well. One example of this is the BPI recertification exam.

If you’re not current on what it takes to be a successful building analyst, for example, you will want to take a recertification course and exam to refresh and update your knowledge. In our BPI Building Analyst course, you’ll cover a variety of topics.

They include BPI Building Evaluation Standards, heat loss and savings calculations, step-by-step energy audit and diagnostic procedures, worst-case depressurization test, combustion appliance evaluation, blower door tests, duct leakage evaluation, developing and prioritizing a retrofit work scope, as well as the top 100 Construction terms and definitions (a bonus module).

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The course is completely online, and it offers clear course objectives, practical course questions, a quiz after each module to check your understanding, and a final practice exam at the end of the course. We make sure that students get around 90 percent on the practice exams to be sure they are ready for the BPI recertification exam.

In the field for the practical exam, you’ll have to show your knowledge and follow a thorough checklist and earn a score of 90 percent or more before you can take the BPI certification exam. This helps you not only achieve well on the exams for your recertification, but is also significantly cuts down on the risk that you will have to retake the exam.

You can start your training online immediately after you register for the course. You have to complete the course within 90 days, but you have access to the course 24/7 and can learn at your own pace within that time frame. You can then schedule your field training and/or exams when you’re ready, as it applies to the individual course you’re taking. When you do your field training and exams, they will be done at a location near you.

The BPI recertification exam is not too difficult once you take a refresher course to get up to speed on the latest. You can then take practice exams and do field training and field tests as necessary to get ready for the recertification exam.

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