SyncMate, an app to manage Android SMS on Mac

Great, you are on the right tracks as you have chosen SyncMate, an app to manage Android SMS on Mac to synchronise your different devices and gadgets. Now you may have to have seamless integration between the various operating systems (OS).

With the unique SyncMate, manage Android SMS on Mac is a child’s play as that app gives you lot of time for other activities.

While you are deep into work on your computer with SyncMate Expert, you can read, create, send, and export texts to other formats.

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You will get more details on manage Android SMS on Mac at  website. SyncMate is a wok force behind all your gadgets, phones, laptops, tablets, e-reader, etc. SyncMate Free edition as well as paid Expert version. While, the free SyncMate, will sync contacts and calendars between Mac and Android the Expert version will sync music, playlists, images, videos, folders, etc. you have one more advantage with paid version you can mount Android as a Mac disk and sync all supported data automatically in the background.

Free SyncMate is an incredible tool to assist you to read texts of your Android on your Mac screen (Inbox, Sent, Draft, Outbox). You can even have contacts on your Mac and Android. What more,  with SyncMate Expert you can do a lot with your texts on your big screen with your full keyboard. Read, create, reply, send, delete, export to various formats, or search through yours SMS.

All you have to do is to connect your device to Mac, open your SyncMate Expert and start SMSing straight away to a single of multiple contacts. You will be thrilled to note that SyncMate Expert can export texts from your Android phone to your Mac as HTML, TXT, and CSV for later reference.

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