Strategies for Motivating Students in Mathematics

Maths is the Language with which God wrote the universe. It is the most important subject that needs a better vision for living. Everything in this universe is time-bounded and what defines time is Mathematics. Admiring students and motivating them to have a deep insight in Mathematics can be a challenging task. Talking about the motivation, this can be of two types Intrinsic which occurs within the learner’s control and Extrinsic which occur outside the learner’s control.

The following steps can be beneficial for inspiring students in the subject of Mathematics:

1. Focus on Understanding: Maths is a subject that requires the understanding of concepts rather than mugging them up. Concepts like Geometry, Trigonometry cannot be solved only with direct formulas but need tricks and in-depth knowledge. So, a better understanding of the topic would help in giving a broad knowledge.

2. Expect Excellence: Set up realistic expectations and make sure to have optimistic opinions to achieve them. Such as giving weekly problems of the topics followed by appreciation on completion.

3. Praise Students in all Ways:Recognize the performance of the students in a class, notify them for their good work and also cherish them by informing to their parents to build in confidence and positive vibes. Have weekly tests and reward sessions so that the parents can acknowledge the student’s hard work.

4. Discover a pattern: Everything in this world follows a fixed pattern, so does Maths. Maths would be simple if we figure out the pattern that follows the given constraints.

Consider, for example, Adding the number from 1 to 100. There can be two methods for this one can be adding them one-by-one and the other can be simply understanding the pattern it follows. The above sequence is an Arithmetic Progression which can be easily solved by the summation series given as (100(100+1))/2 = 50*101 = 5050.

There are patterns that can be motivating, especially if they are discovered by the student.

5. Show the importance of the topic:Maths has an infinite number of real life application such as, in physical sciences, the study of matter or talking about the origin of life by figuring the oldest material in the world i.e. Zircon Crystal, etc. In computation technology, the solution of Linear equation using Matrix makes the calculation simple and easier while using Algorithms. All these applications can create an enthusiasm in the learner towards the subject of Maths.

The present age is of developing the skills and of innovations. The more approach to the subject of Mathematics, the more successful will life be. It is a tool that makes our life simple and easier. Therefore an elementary knowledge of the subject is the basic necessity for all in every walk of life.

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