Project Management is a skill that is much in demand these days

A PRINCE 2 qualification from a specialist provider such as Training Deals shows a level of expertise which self-taught project managers may not have. True, PRINCE 2 project management courses do not come cheap – the Foundation and Practitioner levels alone can cost around £1,000, but the skills acquired are likely to be invaluable in career progression. Training Deals offers almost a third off the price of the Foundation and Practitioner bundle in many locations, and some employers may be able to help with the cost of the course as part of a promotion package.

PRINCE 2 courses are taught countrywide, so wherever the applicant lives, there is likely to be a local course. Typically, Foundation and Practitioner courses last 5 days and include two examinations. The ‘prince’ in PRINCE 2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments and the courses are designed to teach techniques to deliver effective projects with a low risk of failure.

The PRINCE 2 syllabus was recently refreshed but is still aimed squarely at those looking to develop their targeted project management skills. There is a fair bit of preparation for students to consider before enrolling, however, so candidates should be under no illusions that these courses will be intensive. Recommended reading includes several chapters of the training manual ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE 2’ as well as any pre-course materials offered by the trainers.

The Foundation element of the course is where all trainees start, and this will last three days with an examination on the third day. The Practitioner level lasts a further two days and also ends with an examination. The Practitioner element is often tacked onto the Foundation level to allow new students to cement and demonstrate their knowledge. Two-day Practitioner Re-registration courses are also available at a cost of around £500, for those whose registration was to the 2009 standards rather than the recently released 2017 version.

The Foundation level aims to teach beginners everything about starting, managing, controlling and closing project processes, plus quality and risk management skills. The Practitioner training teaches students to apply the principles learned in the Foundation level and the concluding examination tests these newly acquired skills.

Training Deals sends accredited trainers to the delegates’ workplace; some other PRINCE 2 training providers will offer courses based in local colleges, bespoke training locations or conference facilities. It is simply a matter of preference. There are even distance learning options for those who wish to study at their own pace.

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