Motivation to Study in Times of Apathy for Students

It is one of the banes of school and study that sometimes we may show disinterest in our studies. As high school or college students, there might be some days that we simply don’t feel up to it; we don’t feel motivated to complete the tasks or assignments we’ve been given, or engage in study.

If you are experiencing this at the present moment, one thing you should not do is fret. Most people, at different instances, haveexperienced laxity, sometimes, to carry out really important activities, which had close deadlines.

For those in the office, or some other work environment, this is usually referred to as downtime.

So, why does this happen?

The culprit for this occurrence could mostly be traced to our childhood. As kids, it is most likely that you were allowed to run around, i.e. run free etc., with no additional responsibilities given to you except to eat and to sleep. As kids, we were given the freedom to indulge in whatever caught our fancy.Once we lost interest in that activity, we quickly went head on, toward what new venture or scheme had caught our attention.

And so we went, flitting from one activity to another, to whatever piqued our curiosity at the moment. We weren’t taught discipline or commitment to the completion of something we had begun. If you remember clearly, there were times you’d receive the call for bedtime, however, you were so engaged or absorbed in what you were doing, you found it hard to stay still, or lie calmly in bed.

And that’s how the day-to-day objectives went, until one day we were thrust into the rigidlystructured and strictly controlled environment of the educational system. And strangely and woefully, we were expected to immediately adapt!

This is why, in schools, there are different types of assistance provided to help students overcome this resistance. From counseling and guidance to learning while playing games, to external homework help for high school students, activities are usually put in place to help the lagging student.

So, while your present behavior might have been arrived at through no fault of yours, to summon the motivation to get your assignments done, and thus feeling happy or ecstatic about the progress you are making, it is your duty to calmly and gradually override this proclivity.

So, how do we achieve that?

The following tips below should be helpful.

  1. Get a good night sleep

Rest and sleep at night are essentially important to getting us to feel energetic and motivated to take on activities for the day. There is lots of research that point to the importance of sleep to improved academic performance. So, while the hours may vary, getting a good night sleep would get you feeling refreshed, calm and powerful to begin the day.

  1. Regularly review your study objective

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It’s almost certain that you must have been asked this question when you were just a kid. And for most of us, the answers were doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, and firemen.

Well, it’s time for you to know that you are presently studying to become what you dreamed of.

Post pictures in open places i.e. on your desk, the mirror etc. of your future career. Regularly, preferably in the morning, look at these reminders, and remember that that’s the reason for your study.

You still want to become what you chose, don’t you?

  1. Get a study group

Get a study group to study with, and keep you on top of your goals. It could be your friends, classmates, the most intelligent boy or girl in class etc. It should be anyone or those that you are certain of, you all can rely on one another to drag the lazy one along.

  1. Get an online support system

If you would like to take the study participation up a notch, get involved in an online support system. This could be blogs, chat groups, social media groups of others who are studying in school, just like you. In addition to soliciting their assistance to keep you on track with your study, as well as you keep theirs, you all can share ideas on subjects or interests you share.

  1. Visit the school counseling office

If really getting down to studying is a challenge, probably because of other reasons apart from demotivation, you can visit the school counseling office to speak to a counselor. You can be certain that you would find an empathetic counselor, who’s been in your position in the past, and would understandingly want to help you.

You could also talk to your seniors, classmates, i.e. anyone you feel could be of help and provide support during this period.

So that’s it. The above tips should keep you on your toes and help you get the motivation to get on with your study.In some cases, if you do have some many activities to manage – essays to write and courses to read for, all within a short deadline, there are writing services like PaperLeaf, Writing Peak,and others, which could help to get you back on track to submitting your assignments on time.

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