Information on How to Prepare for the AP Literature and Composition Exam

The AP Literature and Composition Exam is made up of multiple choice questions as well as several free response questions to test your ability to do literary analysis on prose and verse texts. The skills you have in reading and comprehension are vital for this test, but even more is understanding the context and being able to make connections throughout the books or prose that you read are most important.

Multiple choices

The multiple-choice question section for the AP Lit exam makes up 45% of the total exam score and consists of 55 questions – there is 1 hour to complete this part of the exam. The second part of the AP Literature exam is comprised of 3 questions for free response making up 55% of the total score for the exam.

Time limit

The response questions to the AP Lit free response have a time limit of two hours. This AP Lit test is difficult and requires a lot of reading – but if you are good at memorizing, your memorization skills will not come into play, and your comprehension skills are most important.

Time limit 2 hours

The AP Lit free response questions have a time limit of 2 hours. Taking practice tests are a must as the format of the AP Lang test is different for most people and of course, you must have read the books and understand their content thoroughly.

Reading list

Many students ask if there is a detailed AP English reading list of books they need to be reading to be better prepared to succeed on this exam. There is not any endorsed College-Board AP reading list, but there are many books that are more helpful for you to read than others for preparing for this exam. But there is no specific list of AP lit books that you should read.

Research on the internet

Research on the internet will give you a good idea of some of the books you should be familiar with. Just do a search on ‘AP Literature and Composition Exam’ and you will be quite surprised all the information that you will find to guide you on what to do to prepare for this exam.

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