Improve Essay Writing Skills: A Step-by-Step Guide

English is the language of education and science and you have to master it to boost your academic career. Academic writing for the non-native English speakers is one of the worst nightmares when writing an essay, a dissertation, a research or a term paper. English-as-a-second-language students tend to have spelling and grammar errors and their sentences don’t look good. Yes, that’s true. English can be pretty tricky, but improving your written language can result in a better impression by your college tutor and friends. Here are some basic writing tips to follow, if you need to quickly improve your prose.

#1 Create a Mind-Map

A great way to get the essays writing process started is by brainstorming the key ideas that are related to your topics and activating all the vocabulary you’ll need to produce the assignment. Try making a mind-map where you can write down and all the knowledge that you have on the discipline in the special bullet points and mention the facts you’d like to include. Plus, you may also choose to create a list of the words that will help you get your thoughts together.

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#3 Spend More Time Reading

The best writers tend to be real book worms. The whole point is that if you read in your second language as often as you can, it will help you to know more different ways to express your ideas in the best manner. The style and the grammatical structures will ultimately begin to show up in your essays and you may learn some new vocabulary in the process.

#4 Know More About Different Types of Text

The thing is that not every writing assignment you receive in college requires the same type of the English language. An email to the college tutor, an article for the newspaper and a book review for the literature class will require you to use unique and different elements and formats. To perfect your writing, make certain to familiarize yourself with the variety of text types. For instance, you can explore the sample essays, read the newspaper and read and English novel or story.

#5 Practice Daily Journaling

There is no way to improve your English writing skills without regular practice. Reading books and magazines will help you to get around it. But what will really boost your skills is writing in English on a regular basis.

To have an opportunity to do this every single day, you are supposed to turn writing into a real habit. To succeed in this, it is recommended to set a daily journal or a blog. What is especially good about it is that you can write about anything you like – just make sure to do that in English.

Many experienced bloggers recommend using specialized journaling software since it’s a great tool to help you keep track of which days you dedicate to writing and which you skip. You can find dozens of writing software options that are free of charge on the internet. Usually, all types of the journal applications can run on all the major operating systems. As an alternative, you can set a personal online blog and use it as an effective platform for your English writing practice. What is more, putting your texts out there will help you to get some professional feedbacks from the people experienced and passionate about the writing.

If you’re reading this, then you should know that it is possible for an ESL student to write well in English. If you put in the required efforts needed to practice writing, then you’ll improve your writing no matter what level your writing is at now.

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