How University Teaches You New Skills

University is perfect for people that are looking to gain a qualification in the subject that they’re studying and for creating job prospects in the future. We know how university can help you out and how it can help you to move forward with your career, but we also know the things that it can teach you outside of your degree. Take a look at some of the ways that university can teach people more about the world around them, below.

The Importance of Deadlines:

Unfortunately deadlines are not just something that stay at university. Unfortunately deadlines are a thing almost everywhere that you go, regardless of how much you try to avoid them. But you will soon see that you’re very much conditioned to them when you’re at university and this will stand you in very good stead for when you eventually start work, you should be more than able to catch-up on deadlines easily.

The Value of Teamwork:

University will teach you a lot about teamwork. When you’re at university you will often have to do the often-dreaded group projects. These are projects where you will all get together and work on who will be doing what element of the project. This means that you will be assigned tasks for you yourself to do, this is no easy and will often take time for you to get used to, but it will certainly stand you in very good stead for when you go to work too! When you’re at work, companies always want to know that you’ve got the abilities to work as a team, as many companies will have projects or issues that will arise and will require you to work on them as a group, so it’s best to get a headstart on this before you start work. This is also a common thing to focus when applying for university too, as many admissions officers like to ask about your teamwork abilities, when they go through their university interview questions, too.

How to Manage Your Time Effectively:

Time management is a very difficult one to look at. Plenty of us have thought about the possibilities of getting distracted, either when at work or when you’re supposed to be doing coursework, the best thing to do, is to learn. University will almost certainly condition you to this, you will learn a lot about what you need to do to make sure that your revision structures and your homework is done at the correct time. Time management is something that a lot of companies will definitely value. This is also a skill that shows that you know how to get more business-critical work functions done, before other less critical tasks, that maybe require less effort or attention.  


University is all about adaptation. This is all about you have to adapt to environments that are different to your own. You won’t know people (Or at least very many) people when you go to university, you will only know yourself, and it will be up to you to meet people in Fresher’s Week, or getting to know people on your degree course. You will face the same issues when you go to work as well and adaptation is the name of the game there too! You will be thrown into jobs or into scenarios that have nothing to do with you a lot, and you will be expected to perform. You may have noticed this at university too. If you are doing a History degree, you might only be interested or specialise in only one period of history, and it may be difficult for you to learn about another period. Learn to adapt to scenarios, keep an open-mind and make sure that you’re taking great care to listen to people too. You’ll also have a lot of independent working to do when you’re at university too and you will have a lot to do at work too. Learning to work on your own can help with a number of different issues too, as you learn more about yourself and how independent you can be, this can help students that are looking for help when dealing with anxiety at university or with those that are adapting to moving away to university for the first time.

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