How to best choose student accommodation in Southampton

Sorry to interrupt your summer holidays, but you’ll be grateful we did. See, whilst September may seem ages off, now is the best time to choose student accommodation in Southampton.

Why you should choose student accommodation in Southampton NOW

“Why should I let that bother me now?”you may ask? Of course, you’d rather chill and enjoy your vacation, we get that.

However, by acting now and thinking how best to choose your student accommodation in Southampton, you’ll actually experience many benefits :-

  1. Above all, you will have the widest choice of properties – so you’ll likely get the best properties.
  2. As you will have the widest choice, you’ve more of a chance of doing deals and saving money as all the landlords and property owners want to get leases tied up ASAP.
  3. You will save a lot of hassle, as when there’s less property around when everyone comes back from Summer holidays and starts looking, prices will rise and you’re far more likely to get a decent property.

What type of student accommodation in Southampton should I choose?

Of course, the type of student accommodation that you choose may depend on several factors, such as :-

  • would you rather share a house with a few people?
  • would you rather take out a lease for an apartment or student with a private landlord or agency?
  • would you rather live in Halls of Residence (i.e. the University owned and run properties)?

However, one other option that is becoming extremely popular – and now is the time to act should you wish to take advantage is purpose-built Student Accommodation such as offered by Unilife.

The reasons why specialist student accommodations are popular is because they are new, extremely well-maintained, highly specified, and very close to the University, in addition to many other positives too.

For example, student rooms are also available for couples, and each partner doesn’t need to be a student!

Why specialist student accommodation such as High Street and Park House are best for your budget

Although bookings for these two popular student accommodations are going fast, there’s still chance to take advantage and snag your booking for this and next academic years – and here’s why you should.

One of the biggest challenges as a student is stretching your finances (student loan or otherwise) to cover your living costs. With a specialist student accommodation, all inclusive pricing ensures there are no nasty surprises each month!

In addition to a fixed cost, all utilities such as water, contents insurance, heating, TV licence, internet and so on is provided, so there’s no hassle keeping on top of things there either.

Conclusion: to best choose student accommodation in Southampton, act now!

Although you may still prefer private housing (even with the bigger risk, more hassle and likely bigger bills), it’s still prudent to act now to reserve your student accommodation.

However, if you are seriously considering booking specialist student accommodation, be sure to act quick and get in touch today, as there may not be any availability left tomorrow.

Good luck – and have fun!

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