Helping your Child Achieve Better Education

Parents want to try to do whatever they can do to help their children, especially when it comes down to education. Parents do their best to work hard at their jobs just so they could be able to afford all the things that their children need to be able to succeed in their education. For example, most schools do not pay for school supplies, so parents are responsible to take care of providing all of these supplies for their children. Most parents who care about the education of their children go above and beyond to make sure that they have everything they need to be successful by being a part of the school staff meetings. It is important to realize that all factors from supplies, classrooms, classroom furniture and the teachers play a huge role in improving better education.

According to New York Times, there have been so many schools facing a lack of funding and resources, which have caused student to suffer in their education. For example, those school who are facing a lack of resources do not have enough books for the students to all have individually and take home to read. Students had to group up and take turns reading books. The reality of sharing books and taking turns is not really an efficient way to study or learn because students are forced to rush through their education. Some students learn differently than others. Some student need more time with resources than others. Supplies play a huge factor in the outcome of student’s education. 

Another factor that disturbs the education of students is their classrooms and classroom furniture. The schools that have a lack of funding and that have a lot of poverty face hardship with classroom furniture. According to Taylor & Francis Online, a study that was conducted to show the overall influence of classroom furniture and students performance showed that there was a 64% increase in positive influence on performance due to classroom furniture. Students are greatly affected by their environment and surroundings. Colors, images, sounds, supplies, furniture, etc.; these are all factors that influence the outcome students learn. 

Parents should realize that they are in a powerful position because they are the parents of the students. Even though the school system may not agree with many parents and their decisions or opinions of how the school is managing, parents can contribute to what they believe will help. For example, classroom furniture is an important factor on the outcome of the students learning abilities. If student had to share a seat or students had to sit uncomfortably at a small table, their learning has already been disrupted because of the environment they are forced to be in. As a parent, you can make suggestions to the principles and or attend meetings on where to find affordable, quality furniture. Start by conducting research on different furniture companies by searching companies like Spectrum Industries, which specializes in affordable quality classroom furniture. 

Again, as a parent you can make a change in your child’s education. Parents have the power to make a change by speaking up to those who will listen. You can be proactive by being one step ahead and knowing the information you’re going to introduce.

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