From the Dying of the Wool – To the Personal Attention of each Sarape Sash!

Have you heard about is a family-owned and operated business specializing in selling ethnic, Mexican graduation sashes and Hispanic graduation stoles, with countless colorful designs and embroidery options to fully reflect today’s college and university students’ interests and beliefs.’s commitment of excellence is reflected in every aspect of the business and it falls in line with the company’s commitment of excellence to every graduate. From the dying of the wool to the personal attention given to each sash produced, it is clear that is not just a factory punching out products – it is an artistic endeavor from the beginning to the end. Patricia Rodriguez, Owner and Founder, personally designs each and every graduation sash so that it can meet her own high standards of excellence. She combines meaningful and symbolic layouts with classic and bold indigenous colors. Once the graduation stole is created it is embroidered with utmost care to ensure unparalleled beauty and quality. also makes a commitment to use any means available to deliver your sash to you in plenty of time to not only wear it on your special graduation day but also to allow you to keep it as a treasured keepsake and a symbol of your well-earned reward.

If you are curious to learn more about the process of hand-making sarapes, we invite you to watch the video below and see for yourself the amount of work and dedication that goes into making beautiful and artistic sarapes.

Ready to Order Your Very Own Sarape Sash?

On the big day of your college or university graduation, why not wear one of’s many colorful and hand-woven graduation stole? There is no better way to reflect your achievements! invites you to take a look at their current selection of available graduation sashes on their website. Find the ideal sarape sash for your graduation by visiting

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