Everything You Need to Know About Clearing Courses

Millions of students all over the United Kingdom go through the university application processes via UCAS. Throughout the country, universities want to attract students who are proactive and academically sound. Most importantly, universities want to make sure that their courses are filled up so that the institution can continue to expand and maintain profitability. When you apply through UCAS, you can choose the universities that you want to send the application to. However, if you haven’t received an offer yet, there’s no need to be disappointed. You can apply through Clearing and significantly boost your chances of getting the right offer to further your career.

What Is Clearing?

Clearing is a part of the application process offered by UCAS. It is basically designed as a simple method by which universities can fill up any space within their courses that hasn’t been taken. Similarly, it gives those applicants who haven’t received an offer the option of getting accepted into university, providing these students with a second chance at getting a college education.

When Is Clearing?

Clearing courses are actually offered from the start of July and continue on until the end of October. UCAS Clearing courses 2018 are provided in July, so you can begin researching the different courses available at that time. However, if you haven’t received your exam results yet, you might want to wait until you have the results in hand before you think about applying.

In 2018, the A level results will be published on August 16. Therefore, you will have around two months to apply through Clearing if you do not get an offer from the university of your choice. You will be considered eligible to apply through Clearing if you sent in your application in the current year, did not withdraw it, applied before June 30, and did not receive any offers. Or, if you did get offers and rejected them all, you are still eligible to apply through Clearing. Similarly, if you applied after June 30, you will be able to apply for UCAS as well.

Applying for Clearing

If you want to apply for Clearing, you should check the options available on your UCAS page. It’s important that you start planning for the Clearing courses earlier because they get filled up fast. You have to make sure that you send in your application as quickly as possible if you want to get accepted. Once your application has been accepted, you should wait for a mail from UCAS confirming your participation in the Clearing course. As a student, there’s no need to be disheartened when applying for a Clearing course, as you can change your courses or modules later on if you want.

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