Everything you must know about being a mixologist!

Ever wondered what does it take to make the perfect ‘Long Island Ice Tea’ or ‘Sex on the Beach’? More than the spirits and ingredients, what matters is the art and process, and mixologists specialize in just that. Mixology, for the uninitiated, refers to the art of making cocktails and drinks. If you want to be a mixologist, you should know that there’s no age to start, and yes, you don’t need any formal education. However, training is one aspect that matters, and that’s the only thing that differentiates mixologists from bartenders.

Please note that bartenders may also opt for professional training, but that doesn’t necessarily include mixology. Mixologists, on the other hand, can take up the role/job of a bartender easily.

Taking up a course

There are plenty of choices for École du Bar, where you can learn mixology from the scratch.  Mixology is more about knowing the basics about spirits, ways of mixing drinks and serving the right way, and therefore, there is little theory involved. You get to learn the tricks of the trade from the experts, including mixologists and bartenders. So, what will you exactly learn? This depends largely on the course you choose. Smaller workshops usually cover a part of mixology, such as summer cocktails or ways to serve better behind the bar. Commonly, courses include things like

  • Basic introduction to professional mixology
  • Mixology techniques
  • Best practices
  • Understanding classic and signature cocktails
  • Mixology and culinary skills
  • Bar management
  • Ways to experiment with drinks

Please note that extensive courses may require many weeks. If you are just starting out, you can take up a few of the workshops, which can be completed over the weekend or in the evenings. Mixology courses are ideal for anyone interested in those cocktails.

Finding the best jobs

Mixologists are in huge demand all over the world, and more often than not, they work with chic clubs or for selected clients. Some of them may even have their own establishment. It all depends on the kind of career you want. If you want to work as a bartender, mixology will offer the scope to get more lucrative jobs and better pay. Mixologists are also expected to have great knowledge of serving guests – once you get trained, you will know how a drink must be served and how to get the right feedback from the customer.

Explore your career now!

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