Does Your Teen Want to Drive Now?

Teenagers come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, no two think alike.

With that in mind, is your teenager dropping you hints these days that they want to learn how to drive? If so, are you receptive to the idea?

For many parents, it can be a tough call on when their child should begin the process of learning how to drive.

Sure, when you want a learner’s permit, yesterday is better than today or tomorrow. Your teen is likely hopping with anticipation in getting their permit and then a license. From there, they envision riding around by themselves and of course at times with friends.

So, do you make your teenager happy now and begin the process of becoming legal to drive?

Responsibility Plays a Major Role

So that your teen will do all the right things when it comes to being a sound driver, keep the following in mind:

  1. Responsibility – Would you consider your teen to be a very responsible individual? He or she will need to be when they take to the road no matter how many others are on it at any given time. This means not only minding what they’re doing in their auto, but also being aware of what other drivers are up to.
  2. Distractions – Distractions behind the wheel for anyone can be a pre-cursor to trouble. Now, think about your teen and distractions when driving a car or truck. Teenagers do not have the experience behind the wheel that older drivers have. As a result, the former can find them in a potential accident situation much sooner. Distractions like a cell phone, messing around with a radio, and trying to read are all trouble. Remind your teenager that he or she can’t let distractions get in the way of safe driving.
  3. Alcohol – Not only is it against the law for your teen to be drinking, but he or she doing so when driving is bad. If you smell even a hint of your teen drinking and driving, you need to act in a forceful manner. Taking the keys away from them until they get the dangers of drinking and driving is your best move. Let them think about how dangerous this can be. The last thing they or you for that matter want is a fatal accident on your hands. This is especially true in the spring when proms and graduations are prevalent.
  4. Drowsiness – Last, does your teen get the required sleep that he or she needs on a regular basis? If not, they are at risk for an accident when driving. Make sure to remind them to get the sleep they need so that they’re as fresh as can be whenever they get behind the wheel.

Remember, a vehicle can do a lot of damage if not used in the proper manner. It is imperative your teen knows the dangers out there.

In your teenager wanting to driver now, he or she must from day one get what being a responsible driver means.

So, are you ready for your teen to drive forward with this new chapter in their life?

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