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You have seen that many animals communicate with each other of their kind. The process of human communication has come to a long way though, like using speech template to know each other. Humans also use their body parts to communicate with each other. Among all the communication skill, writing is one of the best talents that human developed. Some are good in it and some are not that good in it.

As one of the best communication skill, academically too it started to get noticed and given more weight. Writing is such a tool that once some great man said, “A pen is mightier than a sword,” because writing can make an influence on so many people, but a sword can only fight in a war.

The writing skills have slowly grown up big today, as people went on improving the skill year after years and it is still improving.

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What is Descriptive Writing?

Describing in sensory detail about different things, people, ideas and places in a writing style are called descriptive writing. The topic is described in such a way in writing that the reader starts visualizing that topic. The skill of the writer is such that he/she makes your mind sketch the whole images of the topic or the subject with you are reading the composition.

Descriptive Essay’s Importance

As mentioned earlier, the descriptive essay will make the reader sketch the images in mind; it’s not that the author is descriptively describing something and the reader is getting bored. They try to connect with the emotion of the reader. With vivid descriptions and imaginations, the author stimulates the mind of the reader.

So, the descriptive essay is not just describing a particular topic; it is creative and imaginative with the description at the same time. A descriptive essay can get attention from a reader until the end of it if it is well-crafted one, whereas a story might not do the same. You can go through some descriptive essay example, and check how descriptive writers recreate images of the topic in your mind and you will feel the emotions that are depicted in that composition. Therefore, while composing a descriptive essay, you should avoid use of vague words and words which are not important or relevant to that topic. Your words should make the reader understand the topic you described in the way you wanted them to understand.

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