Careers for Biological Science Majors: Job Options and Requirements

There are many career options available for those with an interest in the biological sciences. More than any other STEM degree, the bachelor of science in biological sciences can open an impressive number of professional doors for graduates, giving them many options for employment. Let’s look at some of those options, and how they differ in salary, requirements and prospects in the changing job market of tomorrow.

Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Careers

Some of the most technical and fascinating biological science careers available, those in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry are where science and math come together to create a better understanding of our world. Engineering products that keep humans and animals safe, keep disease at bay and help us stay healthier with each passing generations, these scientists are unsung heroes of our modern world.

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The projected growth within these fields is up to eight percent in the next ten years, while the average professional in these branches of scientific work make between 75K and 100K annually, on average.

Environmental Science Careers

Those specializing in environmental science are working to make our planet a better, more productive and safer place for all of us. Whether researching weather patterns to enhance storm preparedness efforts, studying hurdles faced by farmers worldwide in meeting the needs of a growing population of hungry people or aiding in conservation efforts, there is no shortage of opportunities for those with a passion for the world around them.

These careers are looking at a solid eleven percent growth over the next ten years, with the average professional making over 65K annually.

Human Biology Careers

Human biology – including the science of medicine – is one of the most popular choices for those obtaining a biology degree. These students have a passion for helping and healing others, or understanding how the body works in order to create products that will help theirs and other’s work even better in the future.

With the most impressive outlook of all these groups, human biology careers boast anywhere from a fifteen to a thirty percent rate of growth projected for the next ten years, with professionals making anywhere from 65K to over 200K annually.

Schools of health sciences and medicine offer courses that prepare students for every branch of medicine, from the traditional western to the holistic eastern approach. Every one of these begins with a biological sciences degree, and ends with a compassionate caregiver employed exactly where they’re needed most.

Overall Outlook

Employment opportunities for all of these career options are available through government agencies, private companies, healthcare, education, research fields and more. While a bachelor of science in biological sciences may be sufficient for many positions within these industries, further, more specialized study is often required for higher-level positions and greater earning potential.

The possibilities for employment as biology major are nearly limitless, especially when you know the options upfront. Deciding on your career path right away isn’t necessary, but the sooner you know which direction you’d like to take your degree, the better prepared you will be when you reach the point of specialization. If you’re considering a career in biological science, research these industries in your area, and see what’s available. You might be surprised to see just how employable biologists are, worldwide!

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