Best Schools to Attend for a Career in IT

If you want to start a successful career in IT, you’ll have to seek education outside of the U.S. According to a list generated by London-based magazine Times Higher Education (THE), the best schools for computer science are for the most part located overseas, with a few exceptions.

These schools include the following:

#12: University College London

#11: Cornell University

#10: National University of Singapore

#9: Technical University Munich

#8: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

#7: Imperial College in London

#6: Carnegie Mellon University

#5: Georgia Institute of Technology

#4: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

#3: Oxford University

#2: California Institute of Technology

#1: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Determining Which Schools Are Best

THE’s list of top schools in the world featured Oxford in first place, and third in the computer science category. This is due to its strong scores in international outlook, teaching, citations, and research. However, its only reason for ranking lower on the computer science school list is because of its poorer scores in industry income, sitting at 44.3 out of 100.

Last year, there were about 200 undergraduates working in Oxford’s program, with about 400 part-time and full-time master’s students and over 130 doctoral students.

The second place holder was the California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech. This Pasadena-based school scored extremely well in every category with the exception of international outlook, in which is scored a measly 59.1, indicating less focus on diversity in students, staff, and research. It’s also worth noting that computer science is the most popular major among women at the school.

The top position on THE’s list belongs to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, also called ETH Zurich by some. The school earned a total score of 92.9 due to its excellent results in every category, excepting industry income once again, with a score in this category of 64.1 out of 100.

ETH Zurich has over 30 professors in its prestigious computer science department, pulling them from 10 different countries. Last year, there were around 200 doctoral students and research assistants working in the department, as well as 50 senior scientists.

Getting into a Good Alternative School

Not everyone can get into exclusive schools like Oxford or travel overseas to attend a school away from home, but there are plenty of alternatives to get a good education in computer science.

Whether you’re looking to save money or simply get the minimal education you need to jumpstart your IT career in Naperville, you’ll be able to find a school in the US that gives you what you need. By performing research on which schools are ideal and reading reviews from students who attended, you can find a reputable school to gain a solid education and give you what you need for a successful and long career in IT.

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