A Guide to Choosing Student Accommodation in Portsmouth

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Portsmouth has a maritime history like no other city. It is furthermore unique as the only island city in the UK! The city’s proud maritime heritage is preserved in the famous National Museum of the Royal Navy, located on the bustling dockside. Here you’ll find Nelson’s ship HMS Victory and many, many more fascinating and interactive historical exhibitions.

All in all, Portsmouth is a beautiful city offering magnificent views and a plethora of engaging activities for all ages.

Plus, Portsmouth has a top notch university!

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  • Accommodation, Halls of residence

Halls of residence are readily available, and often guarantee to accommodate all first year students. The halls are purpose built, secure with many facilities.

Student halls present an excellent opportunity for multicultural interaction; students of all persuasions, from all over the globe, assembled in one ‘commune’ designed specifically to socialise and learn.

Student halls, with their diverse cultural mix, undoubtedly serve to enhance and enrich the whole university experience.

In Portsmouth halls are located within the city centre and usually within close vicinity, or even walking distance, of the university. The public transport services are plenteous, most efficient and reliable.

Hall accommodations are always well presented. The rooms are maintained to a very high standard; you can expect free Wi-Fi and plenty of ‘study space’ and suitable quiet.

Most rooms tend to be for single occupancy, although double share rooms are by no means the exception.

There’s bound to be kettle and a regular top up of coffee and tea. The rooms are cosy with efficient central heating for those colder months.

Other facilities are available, according to your means and requirements. For example, an en suite room will be more expensive than one with a shared bathroom.

A canteen will inevitably be available. Perhaps there’s even a bar to be found somewhere?

Once you’ve been offered a place at Portsmouth University, then don’t dilly-dally; search online and check out all the halls available. Take your pick, book your room by paying the deposit.

  • Private renting in Portsmouth

There is certainly no shortage of private rented accommodation in Portsmouth. Private rents come with a somewhat chequered reputation. Poorly maintained properties with shoddy décor and ancient facilities are sadly only too often foisted upon the poor aspiring student.

What’s more, the accommodation can frequently be overcrowded, with too many occupants having to share the meagre amenities. It all seems rather Dickensian!

Now, that’s not to say that all landlords and landladies are modern day Bob Cratchits. Thankfully the majority care for their properties and the welfare of their tenants.

Check out a local renting estate agency and seek their advice. Furthermore, perhaps approach the university students’ union, they may well have sound recommendations for you.

Whatever you do, do not blunder into an agreement, you may well live to regret your impulsiveness. Check the small print, or get a professional agent to do so for you.

Remember, the recommendations of others are indeed the best of all recommendations.

  • In conclusion

Should you be fortunate, no, deserved of a place in the Portsmouth University then well done! You’ll have a terrific few years ahead and a very bright future.

It is essential that you live and work within a hospitable and convivial environment; and that particularly relates to your accommodation.

Just take a few precautionary steps before jumping in head first, especially when it comes to a private rent!

Study long and prosper.

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