6 Benefits To Learning A Second Language

Learning a second language has many benefits aside from being able to talk to an entirely different group of people around the world.

BENEFIT #1:  Learning A New Language Increases Your Intelligence

Technically—and to put it simply—intelligence is the term given to collective knowledge.  It is not just what you know but how you use what you know. Therefore, anytime you learn something new it increases your amount of intelligence. But using the Robotel software to study a new language also improves the overall functionality of the brain because language learning involves pattern recognition and translation; and all of this also improves problem solving skills.

BENEFIT #2:  Learning A New Language Improves Ability to Multi-Task

Studies also show that people who learn more than one language also tend to be better honed at multi-tasking.  This is particularly true of multilingual children, who seem to improve their ability to juggle ideas faster than adults thanks to having to switch back and forth between languages (and rules and structures, etc).  Also, research shows that people who speak multiple languages are better drivers.

BENEFIT #3:  Learning A New Language Improves Brain Health

Several recent studies have shown that learning a second language can reduce risk for dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.  These studies have found, for example, that the mean age for the first signs of dementia onset is 71.4 in adults who speak only one language; the mean age for dementia in multilingual adults is 75.5.

BENEFIT #4:  Learning A New Language Improves Memory

You might sense a trend that language learning improves various brain functions so it should not surprise you that learning a second language can help to improve memory function.   While the brain is not a muscle, it gets stronger the same way that your heart and biceps and quadriceps do when you work them out.

BENEFIT #5:  Learning A New Language Makes Your More Perceptive

When you learn another language, you will start to find that you are also—almost magically—better at making rational decisions.  Because each language carries with it a set of exclusive nuances and subtleties, every language you learn subconsciously influences your ability to analyze and judge.

BENEFIT #6:  Learning A New Language Actually Improves Your First Language

Finally, all of the benefits you get from learning a new language also contribute to improving your acuity with your native tongue.

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