5 Study Tips to Get You through Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be one of the most fun times of the year, but with January deadlines looming the Christmas break can often be a stressful time for students. It’s important to find a balance between your work and social life over Christmas so that you can enjoy the festivities without falling too far behind on your work. To help you out the expert assignment writers from Ivory Research have picked out their 5 best study tips to get you through the Christmas break:

  • Make a timetable

This is always a good tip for revising and studying in general, but particularly over Christmas. Figure out how much work you have to do and then try to figure out how much time needs to be dedicated to your revision or assignment writing.It’s always better to give yourself extra time just in case your workload turns out to be bigger than you thought. Planning your work and social life will help you fulfil both without stressing and feeling under pressure – the more organised you are, the more successful you will be.

  • Start early

Professional assignment writers advise that the earlier you start, the higher your chances of doing well. This is particularly true over Christmas, as starting your work early will give you more time to relax with family and friends without having to worry. Plus, you want to be able to enjoy New Year’s too, so the earlier the better! This will also help give you a better idea of where you are with your work and how much more you have to do, which will help you be better prepared when you get back to uni. Try to avoid cramming!

  • Find a quiet space

Studying in university halls/house can be tricky to say the least, but that’s nothing compared to trying to study at home during the festive season, especially if you’ve got younger siblings! A good tip for students is to either leave university a day later or return a day earlier than everyone else – this will give you a chance to study in peace and have the library all to yourself. If you find studying at home stressful, go visit your local library and get some work done there.

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  • Come prepared

There’s nothing worse than going home for Christmas and realising that you’ve forgotten an important textbook or piece of equipment you need to complete your assignment. Make sure you set aside some time before you go home to go to the library and get all your books and notes organised. This may increase the size of your luggage but it will make the studying process much smoother!

  • Set aside some family time

With the stress of exams and assignments it can be easy to forget that the festive break is a time to unwind and enjoy time with family – it is Christmas after all! It’s important to make sure you actually enjoy your break, so make sure you set aside some time to catch up with friends and family and enjoy the festive season. This will help you de-stress ready for when you return to uni. It’s also important to take breaks from revision to keep your mind active and healthy. So as long as you’re organised, there’s no reason why Christmas can’t be both fun and productive! Just make sure you take this advice from the experts – it’s had rave reviews!

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