5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Doing CCNA

What is the CCNA Certification?

The CCNA Certification is a globally recognized professional certification offered by Cisco, the leading provider of network components and services. Most global employers recognize and prefer the CCNA qualification as the mark of a competent network professional.

What does a CCNA professional do?

When you become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, you acquire a globally recognized qualification in network management. The CCNA qualification equips you with the basic skills and knowledge that you need to begin a career as a network manager. Organisations need competent network professionals to keep their networks running in the optimum condition and to correct any glitches that could potentially disrupt their operations, leading to financial loss. Hence, a Cisco CCNA qualification enables you to become an important member providing invaluable services to the IT team. On completing the CCNA course, you could go on to become a network engineer, network administrator, software engineer or technical support engineer in any organization.

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Who can take the CCNA qualification?

Whether you are a beginner, student or experienced professional, the CCNA certification is an ideal one to acquire fundamental networking concepts and skills. You will learn how to install, configure and operate different types of internal computer networks, ensuring that all computers on the network are able to communicate and share resources seamlessly. You will also learn about the different protocols or rules that govern interaction between the devices on the network, making it possible for you to diagnose and troubleshoot any networking issues promptly.

Moreover, you will gain expertise in planning all the hardware needs for your network, including specific devices such as routers, hubs or switches in order to create the most efficient and cost-effective network configuration for your organization.

Do I need practical experience?

If you want to take the CCNA exam without any professional experience, it is possible to do so, and many students accomplish the exam successfully without practical experience. However, if you have some experience of working in an IT environment, it will definitely help you to understand the concepts and increase your chances of passing the exams. Cisco CCNA offers different combinations of exams that you can take according to your convenience and preference. The purpose of this diversification is to facilitate different types of students, such as those with other work or study commitments.

What is the best way to prepare?

The best way of acquiring the knowledge for the CCNA Exam is to enroll in a CCNA training course some months before the exam, as this would help you focus on targeted concepts and specific subject areas that will raise your prospects of success. Unfortunately, many candidates underestimate the value that a competent and experienced trainer can add to your learning experience. CCNA is a highly technical qualification, so a good trainer will help you develop practical skills as well as help you navigate through the extensive course ware. You do not need to worry about expenses because all the Cisco-approved courses are affordable for most students.

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