5 Handy Tips to Get Feedback from Recruiter after the Interview

Going through the interview process can be both challenging as well as intimidating. All the companies conduct an interview process for the candidate who applies for a particular job profile. From your resume and your skills to your personality, the recruiter can assess you from top to bottom and find out if you are capable of working in their company or not. If the aspect of job is removed from the picture, then the process of interview is a great way to learn, understand and enhance yourself. The most effective tool that can be used in order to improve yourself is the feedback provided by the recruiter.

Whether you are looking for Randstad careers or Bosch careers, these 5 handy tips can help you get a feedback from the recruiter after an interview:

  1. Ask about Skills– Once your interview is over, you can ask the recruiter if the skills that you currently require are up to date with the job profile that is required by the company. In this way, your recruiter will tell you if you lack any of the required skills or whether your current skillset is complete for the required job or not.
  2. Ask about Other Job Profiles– You can also ask the interviewer about the various job profiles that match your skillset. This way, it will be pretty clear as to how you can make yourself more equipped and well suited for more job profiles. You will get to know what skills are required for each profile and in which of the profiles your existing skills are going to land yourself.
  3. Ask If the Recruiter Felt That the Resume Had Some Shortcoming– You must understand that the person who will be recruiting you and taking the interview is someone who has an experience for quite some time in that industry. So, if he points out any error in your resume, you must make sure to rectify it. Gaining feedback from such experienced people can only help you gain more clarity about the working of an organization.
  4. Be Direct– After you have completed your interview, you can ask your recruiter in a very polite and gentle way for your performance feedback throughout the interview. Most of the interviewers do not expect the candidate to be bold and ask for a feedback. So, in such cases, even the recruiter is not prepared with an answer that he would have already thought of. So, whatever feedback he gives you is honest.
  5. Contacts– You could try and gain contacts in the company so that they can help you get a feedback on your interview.

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